Traditional Liposuction VS Smart Lipo – How To Choose

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Traditional Liposuction VS Smart Lipo – How To Choose

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Traditional Liposuction VS Smart Lipo – How To Choose

Boise Plastic Surgery has become very common for people looking to tighten their saggy skin, lose some belly fat and also lift their sagging breasts and many more. With various technological advancements in the area, procedures are changing now and then. Plastic surgeons have come up with different ways to improve their technique and provide their patients with the best care possible. Here is what you need to know about smart lipo and traditional liposuction.

Definition Of Traditional Liposuction And Smart Lipo

It is a procedure performed by plastic surgeons to remove any unwanted fat deposits underneath the skin. Here, the doctor will sculpt the body by removing the deposits of fat that can’t be digested or resistant to exercise or dieting procedures. The surgical equipment used to remove the fat is a suction device. With various technological advancements in the field, most plastic surgeons have moved to smart lipo since it’s faster and safer than traditional liposuction. Here are the most notable differences between the two procedures.


  • Anesthesia – With traditional liposuction, the doctor uses general anesthesia that puts you to sleep completely during the entire procedure. On the other hand, with smart lipo, the doctors administers local anesthesia to the particular area to numb it thus leaving you awake for the whole procedure.
  • Type Of Incisions – During the traditional liposuction procedure, the surgeon uses large incisions unlike with smart lipo where he/she uses small incisions. The type of incisions used will determine the overall recovery time.
  • Skin Tightening – Smart lipo uses lasers that tighten the skin once the procedure is completed. However, during traditional liposuction, there is no skin tightening. Therefore, the patients might be left with loose or saggy skin once the fat underneath it is removed.
  • Equipment – The surgical equipment used during both procedures is entirely different. With traditional liposuction, the surgeon scrapes the fat underneath the skin using large cannulas. As a result, ripples and ridges might form under the skin. However, for the other procedure, the lasers are fed through micro-canulas that are tiny. The fat underneath the skin is melted into a liquid then suctioned out of the body. As a result, the patient gets a very smooth appearance.
  • Recovery – After a traditional liposuction procedure, the patient needs a few weeks to recover fully. However, with smart lipo, recovery time is shorter and can go as long as one or two days.
  • Bruising And Scars – If you’re opting for the traditional procedure, you should expect significant bruising right after. However, with the smart option, minimal bruising is present and in some cases, there might be none at all.
  • Additional Care – If you have undergone a traditional liposuction procedure, you need to use a compression garment for at least six weeks. Well, that’s very long compared to smart lipo where you need the garment for only three weeks.

Which Boise Plastic Surgery Is Better? Traditional Liposuction Or Smart Lipo?

Do you have a strict schedule that doesn’t allow you a lot of downtimes? Do you want to remove the fat deposits underneath your skin with very minimal bruising? Do you enjoy watching the procedure as it happens? Are you afraid of going under anesthesia for too long and are looking for a better way?

Well, by all means smart lipo is the better option between the two procedures. It can be quite disheartening to have all the fat removed in your belly, yet you’re left with very saggy skin that looks worse than before. Thanks to smart lipo, you can enjoy fast skin tightening with the laser equipment used during the procedure.

Note that, the term ‘smart lipo’ only refers to the better laser equipment that’s used for the procedure. Even better, doctors use local anesthesia that is applied to the area of surgery. Therefore, if you want to stay awake and watch the whole procedure, you can do it without any hesitation. It also works correctly for those individuals afraid of not waking up once the procedure is completed.

In conclusion, if you were hesitant about having a liposuction procedure because of the recovery time or the bruising after the procedure, you should try the smart lipo option. With all the differences noted above, it’s evident that you can get more benefits with it than smart lipo.

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