The Benefits And Risks Associated With Liposuction from Boise Plastic Surgery Clinic Surgeons

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Liposuction surgery boise plastic surgery clinic
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November 13, 2015
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The Benefits And Risks Associated With Liposuction from Boise Plastic Surgery Clinic Surgeons

Liposuction surgery boise plastic surgery clinic

Liposuction is commonly known as a dangerous procedure. Those who’ve undergone it in the past where participating in a risky and unnecessary surgery to lose weight. Now-a-days, there are much safer forms of liposuction that involve very little risk. Some of them can even be done while the patient is conscious.

Some things about liposuction haven’t changed. It’s still a costly procedure that won’t be covered by your insurance policy. Luckily, many med spas are willing to make payment plans with patients. This will allow you to pay realistic amounts over time.

Liposuction surgery boise plastic surgery clinic

Liposuction surgery boise plastic surgery clinic

You and your doctor need to discover the type of liposuction procedure that’s best for you. Here are some of them, and the risks and benefits involved with each one. This will help you gain an idea of what you want before the consultation.

Before reading this list, understand that liposuction isn’t a cure for obesity. It’s really a procedure that’s meant to help people who are only mildly overweight. Most patients use this procedure to target areas they can’t seem to get rid of through dieting and exercise alone.

Tumescent Liposuction

This method is probably the most invasive out of all of them. Still, it only requires local anesthetic to perform. Physicians may need to use general anesthetic if you want them to target hard-to-numb parts of the body with this procedure.

First, the skin covering the area you want reduced will be numbed.A large amount anesthetic is also injected into the fat. These injections will only be done if you are having the procedure without local anesthetic. After you are nice and numb, a tube will be inserted into an incision created by the doctor to suck out the fat.

Many of the complications associated with this procedure are the same complications associated with the other types of liposuction that are listed below. Patients often experience pain, bruising and swelling after it’s performed. Less common side effects may include nerve damage, darkening of the skin, or a change in the skin’s texture. There are dangerous side effects as well. Some of which include excessive bleeding, fat or blood clots, and a puncture in the cavity that’s containing the abdominal organs.

In this particular procedure, since an incision is performed, it’s likely that a little fluid will drain from the wound as it’s healing. Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to ensure it doesn’t get infected before it closes.

The rewards of this procedure are obvious. You will see a reduction in body fat in the treated area. It takes longer for the effects to show in older people, as their skin will not tighten around the area as quickly. Usually, results are seen in weeks. However, it may take up to six months for the skin to fully tighten.

Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction

This technique is quite new compared to tumescent liposuction. It involves the liquidation of fat using ultrasound. Ultrasound is a noise radiated by a machine that’s too sharp for human ears to hear. Once the fat is liquefied, it’s much easier for the surgeon to remove. This leads to a quicker and less risky procedure.

Again, many of the same risks listed above are involved in this method as well. However, they’re much less common and tend to be less severe. It’s a lot more likely you’ll only see the usually swelling and bruising commonly associated with liposuction.

This procedure is almost always done under local anesthetic. You won’t have to put up with that “just got punched in the face” feeling so many of us are used to experiencing upon waking up from traditional liposuction.

This procedure is more helpful in certain areas then others. Surgeons and doctors have remarked on the excellent results they’ve seen from using this method on the upper abdomen, back and thighs. Again, the time it will take you to see these results will largely depend on your age.

Laser-Assisted Liposuction

This method is extremely similar to the way ultrasound-assisted liposuction is performed. Instead of using an ultrasound machine to melt fat, a laser is used. Patients are almost always given local anesthesia for this method as well. The liquefied fat isn’t removed through a tube like in the tumescent procedure. It’s removed from a small cannula instead. Which makes it much less invasive.

The risk of this procedure may include irritation and possible scaring where the cannula was inserted. The area where the canulla was inserted may also change colors. This procedure also comes with traditional liposuction side effects. An example would be pain and bruising. The swelling and the fact that the skin has to tighten, may stop you from seeing results right away. Since this procedure is less invasive, there’s less swelling and pain associated with it.

Your Boise liopsuction Doctor Knows The Right Liposuction Technique For The Results You Want

Explain to your Boise Plastic Surgeon exactly how you want your body to change after the procedure. He’ll be able to steer you in the right direction when it comes to which technique to pick. All of these procedures only take you an afternoon to have done. That’s why most liposuction patients are outpatients.