Plastic Surgery For African Americans
March 10, 2016
Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in the 21st Century
March 11, 2016
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The term  plastic   surgery  includes both reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries, the latter being broken into surgical and non-invasive procedures. Though the procedure you seek may be best administered by a  plastic  surgeon, perhaps you will not be having  surgery  at all.

The misnomer “ plastic   surgery ” does not involve the synthetic substance at all; instead, the term is derived from the Greek term, plastikos, meaning to make or mold. Historical accounts of cosmetic altering are noted in tribal practices such as skin scarring (tattooing), lip discs, stretched earlobes, and filed teeth. Though the gamut of the specialty includes reconstructive and cosmetic procedures, present day equivalents to these tribal practices can be found in the non-invasive or non-surgical options of the cosmetic category.

Non-invasive implies that a procedure is completed without surgery, that is, without cutting into the body; however, some can require anesthesia. As with many elective surgical options, most sought after non-invasive procedures are tied to the cultural desires of today. Looking and feeling younger, boosting self esteem, or just complying to social norms, as the aforementioned ancient tribes are the underlying (and feasible) reasons for seeking cosmetic work, and the options border on endless.

A large majority of these techniques are preformed on the face including the chemical peel. This rejuvenation removes the skin’s top layer by applying a chemical solution to the face. Benefits include reversal of sun-damage and reduction of the appearance of wrinkles. Though light peels can be administered by a cosmetic dermatologist or clinician, stronger peels require a physician.

Another non-invasive option is microdermabrasion. This treatment diminishes age spots and acne scars through an exfoliation process and can be administered by a dermatologist or a cosmetic professional that includes such options in his/her practice.

Injections are another popular option included in the non-surgical realm. Targeting wrinkles, laugh lines, crow’s feet, and other signs of aging, injections, commonly referred to by the brand name Botox, are a quick temporary fix involving little downtime. Lip augmentation also falls into the non-surgical category, and the options for this procedure are vast, though lip enhancement is a completely different and indeed surgical option.

Non-invasive  plastic   surgery  procedures are often those that require repeat or follow-up treatments and/or that have temporary results albeit desirable results. These gems are often the best option for those who have health issues, aversions to surgery, and allergies to anesthesia. They can also resolve curiosity without commitment.