Differences Breast Lift & Breast Implants Boise Plastic Surgery Clinic

Differences Breast Lift & Breast Implants Boise

Women hoping to enhance the appearance of their bustline have several options. The surgery or technique selected will depend upon the specific issues which need to be addressed, as well as the overall outcome desired. The two most popular procedures for breast enhancement are the breast lift and breast implants or augmentation.

The Breast Lift

The breast lift, also called a mastopexy, raises and firms the breast to provide an entirely new contour for the breast line. The breast lift does not actually enlarge the breasts, but may provide the appearance of additional cleavage since the breasts are lifted up and firmed. Reasons for a breast lift include drooping breasts, repositioning the nipple so it appears more natural, and providing a perkier, younger contour with firmer breasts. A breast lift can help lift sagging or drooping breasts, but may also leave more scars than implants or augmentation. Women need to understand that this is not a procedure to enlarge the breast. The surgeon is reshaping the breast by removing excess skin or making small tucks to help firm up the skin. These help enhance the appearance of the breasts and restore the natural, youthful contour. This surgery effectively firms and tightens a woman’s breasts. The plastic surgeon can also resize or reshape the areola, which may have also changed over time or as a result of breastfeeding. If a woman is not happy with the shape or the current sag of her breasts but is not concerned about their size, the breast lift could be the right procedure for her.

Differences Breast Lift & Breast Implants Boise

Breast Implants or Augmentation: Boise Plastic Surgery 

Breast augmentation is a Boise Plastic Surgery procedure to increase the cup size of the breasts. This is accomplished by inserting implants into the breasts. Implants are available in two types: saline and silicone. Saline may be less expensive, they can also leak leading to later replacement. Silicone is a bit more expensive but is less prone to leaking. The benefits of breast augmentation with implants from Boise Plastic Surgery are:

– A variety of available implants provides the woman a chance to achieve the look they desire

– The breasts will measure larger after implants

– There is little scarring and it is usually in a very inconspicuous place

If a woman opts for breast implants, they should know that this surgery will not automatically fix drooping breasts. It will also not automatically include repositioning the nipples or areola.

Breast Implants With A Breast Lift

A breast lift can be combined with breast augmentation which provides not only breasts of a larger size but also a reshaping and recontouring of the breasts. This may be a good choice for an older woman or one whose breasts have changed dramatically as a result of breastfeeding.

Which To Choose

Which Boise Plastic Surgery is the right one will depend upon the woman’s desired appearance. If she is hoping for increased mass and size, breast implants or augmentation may be the right choice. If she is hoping for an improved or more youthful shape, but not necessarily a larger breast, then a breast lift might be the right choice. However, if she is looking to both increase her breast size and enhance the overall appearance, shape, and contour of her breasts, she should consider a breast lift and breast augmentation.

No matter which procedure a woman is considering, she should sit down with the plastic surgeon before making her decision. The surgeon can go over all the options and probably results so the woman can make the decision which will be best for her. None of these is a simple surgery and each has risks. The woman must consider all the information and then make her decision. Boise Plastic Surgery.

Differences Breast Lift & Breast Implants Boise